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February 4, 2009: Cedar Falls
Fascinating waterfall.  Gorgeous photograph.
Credit & Copyright: Cory Jarrett from Cleveland, Ohio
Cedar Falls: Erosion patterns and freezing temperatures all contribute to the fascinating shape of this waterfall, found in Ohio's Hocking Hills State Park.

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2010-07-06 06:17:39
Alina from Bucharest about 10years ago said:
A gorgeous nature's work of art
Mike Prieur from North bay, Ontario about 12years ago said:
Love the way the water hits the rock and separates into 2 streams, brilliant picture.
Jessica H from q about 12years ago said:
WOWSA awesome pic cory!! I can't wait to make some plans for all us to go down there this summer!!
Cian from Yesterday about 12years ago said:
You wouldn't want to slide down that!
Joyce from Cleveland about 12years ago said:
Good eye - great shot - beautiful work!
Columbine from Boston about 12years ago said:
Gorgeous photo!
Bill G. from Cleveland about 12years ago said:
Awesome shot Cory. Very cool!
Jeff from Flordia about 12years ago said:
Wow how cool is this!!!
Reuben from Not too far about 12years ago said:
A very nice photo.
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