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September 17, 2009: Pinchy
Fresh crab, crab recipes, crab bate, crabbing.  Nature picture.
Credit & Copyright: Jonathon Winnel from Australia
Pinchy: "The swift footed crab, a common encounter in tidal pools and rocky shores along the east coast of Australia."

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2009-09-27 00:07:39
Pam from TN about 9years ago said:
great slow shutter work. the crab is awesome. perfect timing.
Susanne from The Netherlands about 9years ago said:
Great photo! Good luck in the SP comptetition with this photo. I just voted for you :)
Robert Olsen from Bangor, PA about 9years ago said:
this critter looks like he knows how to "quench it"
Someone from Somewhere about 9years ago said:
Ammad Aziz from Pakistan about 9years ago said:
this is the cool kind of photography
sanjeevi from Somewhere about 9years ago said:
Someone 2 from Somewhere else about 9years ago said:
I like this picture a lot buddy
Someone from Somewhere about 9years ago said:
Craig! i waited until after midnight to post this for you. i hope you see today's pic and remembered to scroll all the way down here. so, what's up yo
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