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December 6, 2009: Peaceful Loch
Loch Fada, Isle of Skye, United Kingdom.  Tour the UK.
Credit & Copyright: Grisleyreg (Roger Perren) from Somerset, England, UK
Peaceful Loch: Featured in this picture is peaceful Loch Fada, on Scotland's Isle of Skye. The relatively treeless, but green, landscape makes you want to go wandering about, exploring the distant cliffs and bluffs.

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2011-03-30 05:18:05
Kim Hansen from Norway about 8years ago said:
This picture give some peas, just by locking at it:) Nice picture Roger!
Carol from Somerset about 9years ago said:
Gorgeous picture. Tranquil and serene location
caroline from england about 9years ago said:
so peaceful!
caroline from england about 9years ago said:
so peaceful!!
Kay from Somerset about 9years ago said:
Wonderful picture :)
Brian from Bridgwater Rngland about 9years ago said:
Stunning Photo
Jean from North Carolina about 9years ago said:
I'd love to be there for awhile!
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