Nature Pic of the Day - 20100312 - Whitetail in Velvet
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March 12, 2010: Whitetail in Velvet
Whitetail buck, for-mar nature preserve, burton, MI.
Credit & Copyright: Craig Putnam from Kingston, WA
Whitetail in Velvet: Seen at the For-Mar Nature Preserve, in Burton, MI, this magnificent stag is proudly displaying his nice rack.

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2010-06-02 02:33:32
luish from ph about 9years ago said:
luish from ph about 9years ago said:
so far i found hear the longest comment
Local from USA! about 9years ago said:
Sure, but the Whitetail is in a different situation than the Passenger Pigeon or Dodo bird. Department of Fish & Wildlife monitors the population pretty well, and will adjust the hunting season or hunting licenses accordingly. Of more concern is the whitetails historic natural predators. Their populations have been driven so low by hunting and humans encroaching on their territory that in some regions the Whitetail population needs to be thinned out, as they almost become pests, ravaging vegetable and fruit gardens, running in front of cars and causing thousands of dollars in damage.
Camera man from England. about 9years ago said:
Ever heard of the once very common [now extinct] Passenger Pigeon and how apt.....Dodo.
Local from USA! about 9years ago said:
A key distinction there, is that the whitetail deer is in no danger of becoming extinct.
Camera man from England. about 9years ago said:
Thank god that argument fell on deaf ears in the case of the Blue Whale...and others.
Local from USA! about 9years ago said:
Some of us want to eat it too.
Camera man from England about 9years ago said:
Its so good that all you want to do is kill it. Brilliant and typical.
Angela from New Hampshire about 9years ago said:
Nice deer, lots of meat on those bones! Someday I hope I shoot one that big!!
Cian from Emerald Isle about 9years ago said:
Are they good eating?
Jackie from Vermont about 9years ago said:
Beautiful creature. Great picture. A hunters dream come true.
Dave from Vermont about 9years ago said:
Super! Lets see more. Way bigger than we have here.
Jean Allen from North Carolina about 9years ago said:
Bambi grown up. He's beautiful. You must have a good telephoto lens to get such a closeup.
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