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July 6, 2012: Flight Manual: The Five Phases
Seagulls in Flight, Italy
Credit & Copyright: Enrico Pighetti from Civitanova Marche
Flight Manual: The Five Phases: "The title says it all :-)"

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2012-08-01 02:27:23
Enrico from Italy about 5years ago said:
Thanks Diana, ma sono stato solo fortunato (lucky) :-) Un abbraccio e buona giornata a te
DianaLeigh from Kent, WA about 5years ago said:
Enrico, if you had taken five separate photos of birds in each stage of flight it could not have turned out better. Amazing!
Enrico from Italy about 6years ago said:
Le tue parole, Laura, riescono sempre ad addolcire il mio cuore. Te ne sono immensamente grato. Ciao carissima
Laura from Brasil about 6years ago said:
Quanta sensibilita in questa foto. Bella luce. Bella, Enrico.
Enrico from Italy about 6years ago said:
:-) Molto gentile, Inge. Ti ringrazio per il tuo cortese e simpatico commento.
Inge from Canada about 6years ago said:
I would love to join to join this graceful ballet.
Enrico from Italy about 6years ago said:
Sono contento, Mira, che ti siano piaciuti. Ti ringrazio tantissimo.
Mira from India about 6years ago said:
Oh, there they glide! Noiselessly, gracefully and happily. I do not speak Italian Enrico, but this is molte, molte beautiful.
Enrico from Italy about 6years ago said:
Grazie Christine. Sei sempre molto gentile. Te ne sono grato.
Christine from Australia about 6years ago said:
A shot in a million! They are even waiting on the runway. The colours too are gorgeous.
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