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March 12, 2013: Waves in the Twilight
Waves in the twilight
Credit & Copyright: Diana Leigh from Kent, WA
Waves in the Twilight: The mighty Pacific crashes into the cold and wintry Oregon coast.

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2013-03-23 09:51:08
Enrico from Italy about 8years ago said:
Resto in estasiata contemplazione. Sembra di esserci. Bellissima
J. Wise from Camarillo, Calif. about 8years ago said:
Love the sunbeams in the background as the day recedes and it gets colder. ethereal.
Penny from Pagosa Springs about 8years ago said:
Looks very, very cold!! Excellent photo. xxxooo
Robin from Burbank about 8years ago said:
Shimmering blue and gold. So pretty.
Leah Greeley from Grover Beach, CA about 8years ago said:
Absolutely lovely. I can feel the chill of the Pacific ocean. You get five stars but the site won't let me give it to you. It's rigged.
Mom & Dad from Scio, Oregon about 8years ago said:
Perfect lighting, beautiful sunrays from heaven, wonderful wave action. 5 STARS!
Billy from Burbank about 8years ago said:
Ali from Tehran about 8years ago said:
Samuel J. M. Greeley from Grover Beach, CA about 8years ago said:
The photos is both bold and subtle at the same time and I like the contrast between the sky & the waves. I definitely give it 5 stars!
rob barrett from minneapolis about 8years ago said:
Maguire Wise from Florida about 8years ago said:
Absolute serenity!
Sue from Florida about 8years ago said:
There's nothing quite as soothing and beautiful as looking at the sea. Once again this photo has captured it's magnificence and allowed us to be part of the nature's gifts. Gorgeous!!!
Sinbad from On the Seven Seas about 8years ago said:
I can smell the ocean by looking at this picture.
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