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February 16, 2018: Ascension
Woodpecker in Lincoln, Nebraska
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Ascension: "A Red-Bellied Woodpecker in flight."

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2018-02-16 22:51:00
Jim from Nebraska about 1 year ago said:
Thanks everyone!! Yes, Rob, good eye, he does have a safflower kernel in his beak.
rob barrett from minneapolis about 1 year ago said:
Jim, what a lovely shot. She looks like it has something in her beak.
Sweetpea from Sacramento about 1 year ago said:
I agree with Greg. -So simple. "Just" a bird in flight, but oh so reassuring of the beauties in our world. They are still there, if we only care to look. :)
Greg from Australia about 1 year ago said:
That's a prize winner, Jim! But then, most of yours are!
Betsy from Barboursville about 1 year ago said:
You'very done it again, Jim! As a birder your photo is thrilling!
Christine from Somewhere about 1 year ago said:
How very encouraging.! A beautiful little phoenix, rising from the ashes of winter. :)
Renee from PA about 2years ago said:
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