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Recent Comments
rob barrett from minneapolis about 20 hours ago said:
I love the racing stripes on their wings.
Renee from PA about 4 days ago said:
Looks like gold!! So stunning!
Laura from Bruno about 4 days ago said:
Dears Christine and Jim,,,,,Thank you so much...Always kind words about the photos...Hugs from Brasil Dears friends : )
Jim from Nebraska about 5 days ago said:
'Love the sparkles, Laura!
Christine from BC about 5 days ago said:
A quote: The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. Indeed!
Laura from Brasil about 6 days ago said:
Jim, You create poesy with your photos : ) Wonderful.
Betsy from Barboursville about 6 days ago said:
You've done it again! Breathtaking, Jim!
Sweetpea from Sacramento about 7 days ago said:
Yes please, bring it on. I'm ready to pick some flowers and "tiptoe through the tulips." :)
Christine from BC about 7 days ago said:
Lovely photo, lovely thought. But, let's not rattle the cage of the weather gods! :) We have had enough surprises this year already. Up here, as well as down under.
Renee from Nazareth, PA about 7 days ago said:
She posed for you! And yes, warmer weather, longer days, and fresh air are longed for at this point!
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