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Sweetpea from Somewhere about 1 day ago said:
Hello dear Poppyseed, they do over-winter here quite nicely. But then, it's rainy B.C.
Poppyseed from Ontario about 1 day ago said:
Beautiful camelia flowers. Too cold in Canada to over winter.
Sweetpea from Somewhere about 2 days ago said:
Oh! How very lovely. Nature always manages to make one happy, thank you pretty pink petals
Someone from Somewhere about 8 days ago said:
WOW In all its glory!!!
Sweetpea from Somewhere about 10 days ago said:
A revelation! Who could find fault with the world we live in??? :)
Sweetpea from Somewhere about 19 days ago said:
One of the very best on NPOD Liane. I absolutely love it. It's so alive!!!
Someone from Somewhere about 21 days ago said:
The happy, invisible cows, that once roamed, but now are in cow heaven. :)And they can't be kept in, they can fly, so the fence is quite useless.
Liane from Montana about 1 month ago said:
Nice picture Leo. I really like the colors and the old barn and windmill.
Julia from Vancouver, BC about 1 month ago said:
One word - WOW!
sweetpea from Somewhere about 1 month ago said:
What a happy photograph. It lifts the spirits.
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