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Recent Comments
Goral from Spirit about 5 hours ago said:
I wish I was here
rob barrett from minneapolis about 6 hours ago said:
Jim, dreamy.
Christine from Somewhere about 8 hours ago said:
Thank you Jim, you make me laugh. You will never know how much I needed that, this very moment. Life can be good.
Jim from Nebraska about 11 hours ago said:
Diesen auch, aber ich wartete, bis sie kamen auf.
Sweetpea from Sacramento about 12 hours ago said:
Alle meine Entchen schwimmen auf dem See. Koepfchen in das Wasser, Schwaenzchen in die Hoeh. :)
Jim from Nebraska about 1 day ago said:
Nice capture, Renee!
Christine from Somewhere about 2 days ago said:
How very lovely Renee Adele. You could write a whole magical story into it.
Renee from PA about 3 days ago said:
Christine from Somewhere about 4 days ago said:
Natures art of solidifying moisture? Or a winter hedgehog passing through???
Marcel from Brazil about 4 days ago said:
The softness of nature, congratulations.
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