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Recent Comments
Liane from Montana about 1 day ago said:
Nice picture Leo. I really like the colors and the old barn and windmill.
Julia from Vancouver, BC about 5 days ago said:
One word - WOW!
sweetpea from Somewhere about 10 days ago said:
What a happy photograph. It lifts the spirits.
Someone from Somewhere about 12 days ago said:
Summer-cool, Liane. I can hear the burbling of the water. Lovely scene.
toby from Lodon, UK about 19 days ago said:
beautiful.I would love to be there now....
Renee from PA about 21 days ago said:
Fabulous capture!!!
Sweetpea from Somewhere about 21 days ago said:
Ahhh! The wonders of our world we would miss out on without NPOD.
HowieGe from New England about 22 days ago said:
Actually, there's a nice spot for a tent. Looks like a great place to canoe or kayak.
Sweetpea from Somewhere about 22 days ago said:
What a dreamy spot. I would sit for hours.
Poppyseed from Ontario about 23 days ago said:
Trillium, flower of Ontario. They come in white, pink and dark red.
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