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Recent Comments
Renee from PA about 3 days ago said:
Once again, so lovely! Brings peace and calm to the soul.
rob barrett from minneapolis about 3 days ago said:
Love this, Laura. Wonderful
Betsy from VA about 3 days ago said:
Wonderful, Liane!
Renee from PA about 5 days ago said:
Glorious! And the web catching the raindrops! An extra added delight to the eyes!
Betsy from VA about 5 days ago said:
He makes the sunset shout for joy.
Sweetpea from Somewhere about 6 days ago said:
Very lovely Renee. And today was the International Day of Light. How appropriate Not only does this sunset delight a small town, but look at all the NPOD people, who tune in. :)
Betsy from VA about 6 days ago said:
It's a mystery how they all seem to move as one.
Renee from PA about 7 days ago said:
Renee from PA about 8 days ago said:
Renee from PA about 9 days ago said:
The bokeh is fabulous!!!
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