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Betsy from Barboursville VA about 5 hours ago said:
Oops, Jim!
Betsy from Barboursville VA about 5 hours ago said:
Exquisite! Congratulations, Rob!
rob barrett jr. from minneapolis about 10 hours ago said:
Jim, unbelievable. wow.
Christine from BC about 13 hours ago said:
Just beautiful Jim. Is that a buddleia? Just yesterday I saw a painted lady on the buddleia in the garden of my friend. Watching and appreciating nature, restores the trust in our industrialised, technology saturated world . :)
Jim from Nebraska about 2 days ago said:
Really nice, Laura! One of my faves :-)
Sweetpea from Sacramento about 2 days ago said:
Beautiful. A poster like that would be nice.
Christine from BC about 2 days ago said:
Love your photo Leo. It has its very own song. Can you hear it?
Betsy from Barboursville about 2 days ago said:
The play of light and shadow is beautiful!
Jim from Nebraska about 3 days ago said:
A pro photographer friend of mine calls those streaks of light 'God rays'. Nice shot, Renee!
Poppyseed from Ontario about 4 days ago said:
May. I joi you three?
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