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Recent Comments
rob barrett from minneapolis about 10 hours ago said:
Laura, Thanks. I love this.
Betsy from VA about 18 hours ago said:
On behalf of my husband, thanks, Seeetpea!
Sweetpea from Sacramento about 23 hours ago said:
That is a fine looking Limpkin, the first I have ever seen. And a fine photograph.
Betsy from VA about 2 days ago said:
Stunning! It is seemingly impossible for tree life to exist in this setting, yet here is the pine! What beautifully textured bark.
Betsy from VA about 5 days ago said:
I'd like to be there, listening to the wind in the beach grass and the waves landing on the shore.
Someone from Somewhere about 6 days ago said:
What a refreshing, delightful image, Leo.
Sweetpea from Sacramento about 6 days ago said:
Oh what absolute joy! We still have flowers and butterflies. :)
Betsy from VA about 6 days ago said:
Stunning, Leo!
Rob Barrett from Minneapolis about 6 days ago said:
Leo, wonderful shot. But you were in Minneapolis and didn't way hi?
Renee from PA about 7 days ago said:
They sure do ! Very unique photo! Again, the lighting is always so good in your photos Laura.
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