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August 25, 2008: Desert Cactus
Desert Cactus
Credit & Copyright: NPOD
Desert Cactus: Even cacti can't thrive in the inhospitable soil on the floor of Death Valley. But they can grow, thanks to being incredibly well adapted to dry environments. Surprisingly, all cacti, have leaves! The leaves on this lonely fellow just happen to be microscopic.

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2013-08-03 02:05:07
Birdlegs from Fresno, CA about 11years ago said:
I think this is a very pretty picture. A lot of people say there's no beauty in the desert, but I disagree! Thank you for such a neat picture. God bless.
Rachel from NPOD HQ about 16years ago said:
Thanks to both of you! Click the "submit" link at the top of the page to find out about submitting your own nature picture.
prem from nature about 16years ago said:
ih i am prem i like the nature
gh. from khosh about 16years ago said:
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