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November 6, 2008: Splashing Salmon
Salmon swimming upstream to spawn.
Credit & Copyright: NPOD
Splashing Salmon: What's that noise? Someone running through the creek? A bear wrestling a moose in the shallows ahead? No! It's several huge salmon making a mad dash through a section of the creek that is barely two inches deep! These surprisingly strong creatures thrash their way up amazingly shallow sections of the creek and leap over giant obstacles near the end of their journey from the open ocean to their freshwater spawning grounds.

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2008-12-23 10:22:28
Alexander M. Schaar from Berlin - Germany about 16years ago said:
This is much mire than just a nice shot, its the wonder of life in nature
Gaz from Oregon about 16years ago said:
Wow, that's a big Chum salmon, Nice shot !
Shaina from Washington about 16years ago said:
I remember that! Nice shot!
Nav from Folsom about 16years ago said:
Nice shot!
Someone from Somewhere about 16years ago said:
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