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February 20, 2009: Red is Beautiful
Wildflower seeds.  Grow your own wildflowers.  Flower Gardens.
Credit & Copyright: Leda Avouri from Athens, Greece
Red is Beautiful: Yes, it is. These pretty flowers dot the landscape of Thessalia, Greece, captivating passers by. Some flowers are edible, allowing them to be used to brighten up a tasty salad!

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2012-07-11 07:10:50
Leda from Greece about 11years ago said:
thank you Dorsaf... it was beautiful indeed
dorsaf from tunis about 15years ago said:
i'm just stunned.i can't think of something more beautiful than this.this is GOD...
Leda from Greece about 15years ago said:
Thank you all so much for your kind remarks!!!
Amit from Afghanistan - India about 15years ago said:
i m loving it...thanks Greece thanks God
Jose Carlos Guireli from Campinas-SP Brazil South America about 15years ago said:
Beautiful picture, Irineu, congratulations. A very great feeling from the deep of the human nature!!!! Guireli
liane from montana about 15years ago said:
nice patch of poppies and daisies.
Gregory from UK about 15years ago said:
it looks lovely!
Cian from The Emerald Isle about 15years ago said:
How pretty!
Lilia from Ukraine about 15years ago said:
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