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March 21, 2009: Wildflowers
Flower seeds, plant your garden!  Wildflower pictures!
Credit & Copyright: Anne M. Fearon-Wood from Sidney-by-the-sea, British Columbia, Canada
Wildflowers: Brilliant, bold, and beautiful, this flower invites you to enjoy it. Give it a sniff, perhaps, to see if it smells good; or touch the petals to see if they are silky smooth. Better yet, take a picture of it for all to enjoy!

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2009-03-21 22:51:12
Cian from Behind You about 15years ago said:
Very tall and magnificent!
mondieu from sacre coeur au Canada chez le Pacifique about 15years ago said:
good picture for the hood.
lizzie from from da 'hood about 15years ago said:
I love the composition of this shot. The atmosphere created by the background gives the flower more importance. It makes you want to see more. The contrast between moody and very brash and bold is wonderful.
Fluggies from Irishtown about 15years ago said:
Pretty flower.
Manuella from Montreal, Canada about 15years ago said:
Je l'aime!!!!!!!
"Lucky" Luciano from Buckhead Ridge near Okeechobie Lake in the Great State of Florida about 15years ago said:
Wow, what depth, terrific shot!
Bill from Over the hill. about 15years ago said:
Standing tall in all his ragged glory! I like it!
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