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March 24, 2009: Shimmering Wings
Butterfly gardens!  Magic butterfly powder.
Credit & Copyright: Anne M. Fearon-Wood from Sidney-by-the-sea, British Columbia, Canada
Shimmering Wings: This pretty butterfly was found in the Butterfly Gardens of Victoria, British Columbia. If you have ever touched a butterfly and noticed a powder on their wings, the powder is actually tiny scales that cover butterfly wings. The scales give the butterfly wings their color, either from pigmentation or from the structure of the scales, which scatter the light.

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2009-04-06 10:35:40
shahidhussain(shahidhussainmanghiyahoo.com) from karachi,pakistan. about 13years ago said:
best camera result
shahidhussainmanghi from karachi,pakistan. about 13years ago said:
beautiful butterfly & very good photography
Cian from Over Here about 14years ago said:
Shimmering scales!
waseem from pakistan about 14years ago said:
this beautiful title cal us that GOD is great
eden from cagayan de oro city about 14years ago said:
i like it very nice pic.
ishtiaq hameed chorahi from pakistan about 14years ago said:
ashish sharma from aligarh about 14years ago said:
very nice pic
Jeniffer P. Canda from Bohol, Philippines about 14years ago said:
splendidly beautiful...
Gert from St. Goar about 14years ago said:
nice colour and detail to the wings
Runa das from delhi about 14years ago said:
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