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March 30, 2009: I'm Looking at You
Pelicans.  Tecans. Flamingos. Tropical birds.
Credit & Copyright: Anne M. Fearon-Wood from Sidney-by-the-sea, British Columbia, Canada
I'm Looking at You: Flamingo's, recognizable for their habit of standing on one leg, are born a soft gray color. Their almost florescent color comes from the high level of beta carotene in their diet, particularly, prawns!

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2009-03-30 21:02:35
Kara from keyboard-land about 13years ago said:
I agree...someone need a new keyboard??? Why post a comment when you can't read it?
Southern Poor Folks from Avon Park, Florida about 13years ago said:
Wow, what a beak...btw whats this crap before this mbnmnbmbm & jhjjhkhkjhk ghjhjk?? Stucking keys eh?
mbnmbnmb from bnmbnmbn@yahoo.com about 13years ago said:
jan from dua.shoaib@yahoo.com about 13years ago said:
jhjjhkhkjhk ghjhjk
Joe Varghese from Alabama, USA about 13years ago said:
Live, fresh and innocent look of the flamingo made my day. Thanks Linda
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