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May 7, 2009: Relaxing In The Sun
Fly here.  Fly there!  Fly anywhere!
Credit & Copyright: Anne M. Fearon-Wood from Sidney-by-the-sea, British Columbia, Canada
Relaxing In The Sun: The Victoria Butterfly Gardens usually have at least 3,000 butterfly's flying around the grounds. They import around 500 butterflies a week from Malaysia, England and Costa Rica!

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2010-05-27 20:47:17
luish from phil. about 11years ago said:
its realy nature.
Scott from Nova Scotia about 12years ago said:
Good job. Beautiful butterfly.
NC from the middle about 12years ago said:
Great lighting and clear focus on the subject. The background compliments it beautifully.
Voldka Drinkupski from Moscow about 12years ago said:
Is kind of bird I never seen before!
Pam from Tn about 12years ago said:
Great macro. Beautiful creatures!!!
L Marilyn from Moncton NB about 12years ago said:
Absolutely beautiful. We don't often see close ups of butterflies
Michael from Back Bay NB about 12years ago said:
Heck of a job, bravo....................
narendra kumar from pantnagar about 12years ago said:
its realy gorgious snap
Cindy from Moncton about 12years ago said:
Awesome, very good work
Gayle from Irishtown about 12years ago said:
Good job. Love butterflies.
Peeper from the Right Coast from Midgic, NB about 12years ago said:
Great job, takes patients eh?
Tweedle dee from in the cockpit about 12years ago said:
come fly with me; come fly; come fly away. nice job.
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