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July 2, 2009: Busy Bee
honey, sweet tea, tea, coffee, sugar, organic honey
Credit & Copyright: Shannon L. Fisher from Austin, Texas
Busy Bee: Honey is a fascinating substance. Bees create honey by digesting and regurgitating flower nectar, storing it in honeycomb, as the bees fan it with their wings to dry out the honey and prevent fermentation.

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2010-07-19 14:10:06
Don from California about 14years ago said:
Neat photo - but this is a fly, not a honey-making bee (probably "bee fly" Chrysanthrax cypris http://bugguide.net/node/view/422892 )
luish from ph about 14years ago said:
great shot
Tasha from Dallas about 15years ago said:
Absolutely Miraculous!
GM from IN about 15years ago said:
Those colors are really quite vivid. I hope to see more of the author's work.
Chris from In Denver, with Brandi about 15years ago said:
Wow, this is another great photo! I hope you get to post lots more photos!
jenny from New Orleans about 15years ago said:
Amazing. Looks good enough to eat, and it's not food. That's says a lot :D
SarahBee from Somewhere about 15years ago said:
Fantastic photo. The colors are so vibrant.
Mel from Texas about 15years ago said:
WOW! The colors are just amazing and look at how close it is. I also like that it is so grainy. Very cool.
Theresa from Springfield, VA about 15years ago said:
I love the colors! And that's way closer than I would EVER get to a bee myself. I'm quite impressed!
robinm1chelle from right here duh! about 15years ago said:
still a fan of every thing you do. Just don't get stung hon.
Mahi from The Ocean about 15years ago said:
Great photo! I love this one!
Nolo from New York City Today! about 15years ago said:
2 for 2! Outstanding. I love her work and know you'll post more soon.
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