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July 14, 2009: Prairie Dog
prairie homes, harmonicas, prairie songs and country living.
Credit & Copyright: Hans Pondorfer from Austria
Prairie Dog: Whether scratching its head in puzzlement, slapping its cheeks in dismay, trying to rotate its head to better see something, or playing peek-a-boo with the camera this critter sure is cute!

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2018-09-04 12:20:10
Christine from Canada about 6years ago said:
I needed that to brighten my day.
Karl from Portland, OR. about 11years ago said:
Maybe a tooth ache...?
Daniel from USA about 14years ago said:
Great picture!, He looks funny.
Natalie from Austin, Texas about 14years ago said:
"Aww, geez..."!
Hans from Austria about 15years ago said:
thanks Marta and Tina :o)))
MartaKS from Poland about 15years ago said:
wonderful :o)
Tina from ontour about 15years ago said:
so cute, makes me smile for the day, thanks
Hans Pondorfer from Austria about 15years ago said:
thanks Stephanie :-)
Stephanie from Gaithersburg, Maryland about 15years ago said:
This photo makes me smile. Great picture!
Hans Pondorfer from Austria about 15years ago said:
Liane, thanks for the comment. He was looking at me, but I was far enough away.
liane from montana about 15years ago said:
Nice shot of the prairie dog! I think it is scratching its head in amazment - wonder what it is looking at?!
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