Nature Pic of the Day - 20090824 - Sundial Peak Over Lake Blanche
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August 24, 2009: Sundial Peak Over Lake Blanche
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Credit & Copyright: Matt Beatty from Provo, Utah
Sundial Peak Over Lake Blanche: Located in the Wasatch Mountains, east of Salt Lake City, Utah, Lake Blanche sits at the base of the 10,310 foot Sundial Peak. From the looks of this picture, Lake Blanche makes a great reward for the 2.5 hour hike in!

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2009-09-27 00:20:13
pam from tn about 15years ago said:
gorgeous place, fantastic capture of it. great work on that reflection.
Someone from Somewhere about 15years ago said:
Beautiful! Wish I was there!
Cian from Eire about 15years ago said:
Yes, it really makes the pictures pop out. I tried using a sun dial to tell the time once. But I got tired of carrying it around on my wrist, and then it didn't work too well when I was indoors.
Nav from Folsom about 15years ago said:
Love the new color scheme and today's NPOD. Good work!
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