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September 13, 2009: Shocking Bondi
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Credit & Copyright: Timothy Poulton from Australia
Shocking Bondi: There it is, that ancient force that excites some, terrifies others, but fascinates us all. What is it about lightning that we find so intriguing? This shockingly pretty shot captures multiple bolts of lightning near Bondi Beach, Australia.

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2018-05-17 15:51:12
Betsy from VA about 6years ago said:
I just happened upon this & want to congratulate you! Stunning!
Dave from Ohio about 11years ago said:
Wow, nice shot. I hadn't seen this one before, it is very pretty.
aaliya from india about 11years ago said:
luish from ph about 14years ago said:
nice, you were ab;e to capture the thunder
Pam from TN about 15years ago said:
what??? I don't know how you did it and don't particularly care...I just LIKE it. Powerful and beautiful image.
sweety from vizag about 15years ago said:
this is a natural one but some what graphiced
Sameer from rampur about 15years ago said:
Its not a very good
Susanne from The Netherlands about 15years ago said:
Stunning picture. absolutely wonderful. Very well done.
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