Nature Pic of the Day - 20090918 - Ediza Blues: Twilight Reflection with Jupiter
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September 18, 2009: Ediza Blues: Twilight Reflection with Jupiter
Glow in the dark stars, telescopes, spotting scopes, nature picture
Credit & Copyright: David Coppedge from Santa Clarita, California
Ediza Blues: Twilight Reflection with Jupiter: "Jupiter shines over the Minarets as first light on the peaks is just minutes away--a scene worth getting up in the dark to see."

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2009-09-27 02:03:02
Darrell from San Diego, CA about 13years ago said:
Beautiful shot, David! I was almost there last week, but ran out of daylight and had to turn around about a quarter mile from the lake. Your picture makes me wish I'd kept going and hiked back in the dark!
Pam from Tn about 13years ago said:
Great work. incredible place and image.
Steve from Ramona, CA about 13years ago said:
Forty-five years ago I hiked to and camped at Ediza Lake. I recognized it to be a special place showing God's handiwork. Now Dave Coppedge has made a special effort to capture its beauty in a photo. A colossal volcanic explosion made the metamorphic rocks of the Minarets behind the lake. Great beauty came from a catastrophe!
Ken Farrar from Iowa about 13years ago said:
Spectacular - you can even see Jupiter's reflection in the water!
Ken from Saugus about 13years ago said:
Awesome shot, Dave. Nice work.
Judy Greenberg from Pasadena about 13years ago said:
Glorious!!! Exquisite! Truly beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Joann from Santa Clarita about 13years ago said:
It is not only beautiful, but I'll bet the quietness that surrounded you added to the experience. I'd love to see it myself.
Barbara from Los Angeles, CA about 13years ago said:
What a breath-taking picture! Great work...worth the effort!
Lad Allen from San Bernardino, CA about 13years ago said:
This is a wonderful photograph that demanded some serious preparation. You don't just stumble into a situation like this. Nice work
R Bullock from Cincinnati Ohio about 13years ago said:
Wow! Great work. Makes me want to go there myself!
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