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September 21, 2009: Evening's Delight
Indian crafts, artifacts, arrowheads. picture of nature.
Credit & Copyright: Adriana Sewell from Everett, WA
Evening's Delight: The setting sun adds a mystic glow to the evening fog at First Beach in the Quileute Indian reservation in La Push, Washington.

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2009-09-27 00:12:36
Pam from TN about 13years ago said:
wonderfully executed shot. Very nice composition and light.
Staci from North Carolina about 13years ago said:
Very Beautiful. You took an awesome picture. I would hang this in my house.
Kendall from Canada about 13years ago said:
WOW what a gorgeous photo! Its a perfect shot!
Brook from Idaho about 13years ago said:
Beautiful Shot!!! Love it
Amy Echols from Beaverton Oregon about 13years ago said:
excellent work!
Jocko from at work about 13years ago said:
Nicely done
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