Nature Pic of the Day - 20091124 - Storm over Superstition
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November 24, 2009: Storm over Superstition
Storm over Superstition Mountain. Dust cleanup, dirt remover, cleaning products.
Credit & Copyright: Tim Gilliam from Monument Valley, AZ
Storm over Superstition: A desert storm grows over Superstition Mountain near Apache Junction, Arizona. Marking the west end of the Superstition Wilderness, Superstition Mountain is a recreational destination for people living in Phoenix, AZ.

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2016-09-11 00:18:41
Ken from Ohio about 6years ago said:
Man, this is beautiful!
Hans Pondorfer from Austria about 13years ago said:
a gorgeous shot ! Excellent
Jim from Gilbert, AZ about 13years ago said:
I live 15 mins away and this is still a wonder to behold--the photo captures the realism perfectly.
Bob from Phoenix about 13years ago said:
Looks even prettier in the picture than it does in real life. Awesome photo!
Cian from Right over there about 13years ago said:
Very pretty, let's go there.
Jean from North Carolina about 13years ago said:
Excellent! I love the low angle of the light coming from the right, the brooding darkness above, and the vastness of it all.
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