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January 19, 2010: Cheeky Grey Squirrel
grey squirrel, jokes, laughs.
Credit & Copyright: Anne M. Fearon-Wood from Sidney-by-the-sea, British Columbia, Canada
Cheeky Grey Squirrel: It looks as if this little fellow is either concentrating very hard, or approaching with an offer for us to consider. I wonder what it could be?

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2010-02-03 09:38:18
Prabhu Palaniyappan from Chennai about 14years ago said:
Amazing Pics...
Mike Ellott from Back Bay, New Brunswick about 14years ago said:
definite 5 out of 5. Beautiful pic.........
Marilyn from Moncton NB about 14years ago said:
Don't be so mean. I need more nuts, I am very hungry but oh so cute. You love me and I will love you.
S. Coleman from Waterville, N.S. about 14years ago said:
don't underestimate this little rodent, oh so cute, but very distructive too.
Cindy from Riverview, NB about 14years ago said:
Sigh....don't leave those peanuts in my yard please Mr. Squirrel!
Ranger Joe from Berry Mills, NB about 14years ago said:
"OK Human...I've had just about enough of the 'cute' factor! Gimmee a nut or I'll slash every tire on that brand new Hummer!"
Murray from Irishtown about 14years ago said:
Squirrels are oh so cute. When you live with woods behind you, they appear lots of times. One out there now in fact enjoying the seeds.
Jones from Irishtown about 14years ago said:
Love squirrels. Have at least 4 red ones and 2 grey ones who come here for peanuts and sunflower seeds. Can feed them by hand and as I said, I LOVE squirrels.
Paranoid Pete from Pennsilvania about 14years ago said:
Don't let the cuteness fool you, that squirrel is plotting your demise.
jw from middle Canada about 14years ago said:
I really like this. Well framed and photographed making this little tree rodent stand out. I don't like them in my garden but they are appealing...here especially.
Jean from North Carolina about 14years ago said:
Squirrels can be cute, but they have voracious appetites and can accomplish astonishing feats in order to raid a bird feeder.
Squirrel Nut Zipper from Peanutville, USA about 14years ago said:
Gimme some of those peanuts ya little rodent
Pablo Fernandos from YeeHaw Junction, Florida about 14years ago said:
Just a pretty looking little guy trying to be cute to get more food, he knows that this is a tough cold winter in Florida. BTW don't ya all laff there is a Yee Haw Jct here look it up if ya don't believe me.
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