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May 24, 2010: Northern Cardinal
Cardinal in Florida.  Tour Florida.  Florida bird watching.
Credit & Copyright: Anne M. Fearon-Wood from Sidney-by-the-sea, British Columbia, Canada
Northern Cardinal: Seen in Sun 'N Lakes, Sebring, Florida, this cardinal's color is beautiful! It is amazing how vivid the colors of nature can be.

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2011-01-21 17:18:08
pam from Somewhere about 13years ago said:
great color, detail and VERY nice eye!!
Ted from Tiem for Bed about 14years ago said:
MMMMMMM Red! It just goes to my head.
Claudette Bouchard from Northern part of NB about 14years ago said:
My.my this is a beautiful bird.I hear that Sackville NB has them at times, wish they came closer my home, which probably is there Northern range......beautiful photo, did you capture this picture?????
Irishtown Nut from Duhhhh - Irishtown about 14years ago said:
Love the cardinal. Wish we had them around here. We have chickadees, blue jays, mourning doves, etc, but the Cardinal is oh so pretty.
Kent Republican from Little SouthEast of Nome about 14years ago said:
Love these birds, have been to Sebring, Florida, love the area, Orange Groves, Cattle Ranches & a 10,000 person City, so homey!
Canuck Travellers from Steeves from Indian Mountain or an Indian from Steeves Mountain about 14years ago said:
Love the colours, great shot!
Marie-Jeanne Cruiser from Florida Snow Bird about 14years ago said:
I have a mouse pad for my net book, that was given to me, similar to this one..it is SOOOOO beautiful.love the Cardinal , they are the prettiest bird I have even seen.....just a very beautiful photo.great landscape.......
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