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October 13, 2010: Little Chippie
Chipmunk at Chicago Botanic Gardens.
Credit & Copyright: Barbara from Chicago
Little Chippie: "Good morning Sunshine."

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2010-11-05 16:57:39
Brian from Arizona/Ontario about 14years ago said:
Perfect shot of a little fuzz-ball.
Eleanor from California about 14years ago said:
It's the best, Barb!!!!
Laura from Brasil about 14years ago said:
Great photo....Congratulations Barbara.
Adele from Fairfield about 14years ago said:
Absolutely adorable. I love his/her tail. Great color against the background!
Nancy from Fairfield about 14years ago said:
Nice picture! So soft and cute.
Cori from Fairfield about 14years ago said:
I just love all your pictures!! This one makes me want to go on a picnic!!
Alex from San Diego about 14years ago said:
Very nice barb and congrat I like the pose on this one nicely done as always.
Barb from Wasaga Beach about 14years ago said:
She is absolutely adorable. What I don't understand about the rating system - and this has happened to me more than once - you push the five stars but it doesn't record 5 - they really have to fix that!
Enrico from Italy about 14years ago said:
Una tenerezza infinita. Complimenti.
Lynda from Hertfordshire, England about 14years ago said:
Very cute. Lovely capture.
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