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May 4, 2011: Green Tree Python
Green Tree Python snake
Credit & Copyright: Maks Rozenbaum from Olney, MD, USA
Green Tree Python: Ah, the life of a Green Tree Python snake, just hanging out, posing for pictures...

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2014-05-26 02:11:00
abhinandan mamtri from shampur about 8years ago said:
Looking hungry anaconda.
kamyar chapi from iran about 10years ago said:
Those eyes look very very scary!
kamyar chapi from iran about 10years ago said:
very nice picture, very scary
tamil mani from chennai about 10years ago said:
awesome picture...even the scales can be seen clear!!!!!!
Enrico from Italy about 10years ago said:
Superlativa. Cinque stelle
luix from Philippines about 11years ago said:
Maks Rozenbaum, so brave!
melchor armentano from philippines about 11years ago said:
I hate snake but i like the pic. . . it's great and amazing. . . nice capturing!
Laura from Brasil about 11years ago said:
Great look......Amazing , Maks.....
Jose Guireli from Campinas Brasil about 11years ago said:
Dangerous and tender in wild life. Good picture.
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