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May 23, 2011: The Peony and the Ant
Ant on a peony.
Credit & Copyright: Jean W. Allen from Flat Rock, NC
The Peony and the Ant: "The folklore that peonies won’t bloom unless ants visit them is groundless, but ants do have an affinity for the sweet, sticky substance that the buds secrete. This particular ant seems to have come late to the feast."

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2011-06-06 21:38:14
Jean Allen from Flat Rock, NC, USA about 13years ago said:
Thank you, everyone. I'm happy you liked it.
Jose Guireli from Campinas Brasil about 13years ago said:
Beautiful and sweet moment. Congratulations.
Laura from Brasil about 13years ago said:
So romantic photo......Beautiful , Jean Allen....
Cheryl from Erie, PA about 13years ago said:
The intricacies of nature captured here
Someone from Somewhere about 13years ago said:
Beautiful shot!
Zabihullah from Afghanistan about 13years ago said:
it is the beautiful pic of the nature
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