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July 2, 2011: Australian King Parrot
Australian King Parrot in Marysville, Victoria
Credit & Copyright: Peter Stokes from Melbourne, Australia
Australian King Parrot: This pretty bird contrasts nicely with the green background, providing a splash of vibrant color to the local environment.

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2013-08-05 00:38:38
Birdlegs from Fresno, CA, USA about 11years ago said:
Peter, this has to be the most beautiful parrot I've ever seen! Just one of God's precious creations. Thank you for such a fantastic picture; birds have always been my most favorite creatures of all. God bless you, & keep doing what you're doing!
Peter from Melbourne about 13years ago said:
Thank you, all, for the nice comments - Yes Anne, indeed the praise must go to God, as His creation reflects his glory.
Laura from Brasil about 13years ago said:
Great moment here....
Jose Guireli from Campinas Brasil about 13years ago said:
Wonderful picture, color and the moment, here we have many of these ones.Congratulations.
Anna from Victoria about 13years ago said:
shower you with praises? Nah.. they belong to God but shower you with good thoughts.
David & Jean from Maidstone UK about 13years ago said:
Jean would like to try to paint the picture.
Sue from Macclesfield about 13years ago said:
What a beautiful parrot. No doubt he follows you from window to window until you feed him. It is also a great shot of the old tree with moss on the south side of the trunk.
Jenny from Monbulk about 13years ago said:
Great photo - and they're even better in real life when they visit our deck to eat!
Inge from Hamilton, Canada about 13years ago said:
A worthy ambassador from the Red Continent.
Christine from NSW Australia about 13years ago said:
Lovely. Beautifully captured.
Enrico from Italy about 13years ago said:
Splendida cattura. Foto meravigliosamente nitida, ottimi colori, momento perfetto. Like
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