Nature Pic of the Day - 20110826 - Cat-faced Spider - Araneus gemmoides
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August 26, 2011: Cat-faced Spider - Araneus gemmoides
Spider in Great Basin National Park
Credit & Copyright: Richard A. Janushan from Las Vegas, Nevada
Cat-faced Spider - Araneus gemmoides: " A lot of people who have seen the photo think it is a fake, but it is not. I was really taken back when I saw this spider. I had no idea that nature was capable of such an amazing subterfuge. It is a real mystery to me how the face of a big cat can be mimicked on a spider’s back; one hell of a defense mechanism against birds. This little spider tells me that we humans have so much more wondrous learning ahead of us, that nature has surprises for us beyond our wildest dreams."

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2012-10-03 22:40:54
They call me......Tim from CAlberta Canadaalgary about 10years ago said:
I have a couple of those living outside my backdoor right now.
shane owen from alberta canada about 10years ago said:
I just have one of that spider at home
shane owen from alberta canada about 10years ago said:
I just have one of that spider at home.
Lynn from Alberta, Canada about 11years ago said:
Very nice pic! I just happened to spot one of these in my backyard today, although not nearly as pretty as this one. After I ID'd it, I looked at more pictures which led me here. Well done!
Laura from BRasil about 11years ago said:
Spectacular spider and interesting informations.....Congratulations, Richard.
Larianna Janushan from Georgia about 11years ago said:
You always find the most awesome things to take pictures of! Love you Daddy!
Jean Allen from Flat Rock, NC about 11years ago said:
Thank you, Richard. You have not only given us something interesting to look at; you have also invited us to think more deeply about the wonders of nature. I like that.
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