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December 11, 2011: Gliding Heron
Heron in Brazil
Credit & Copyright: Marcelo Fontana from Sao Paulo, Brasil
Gliding Heron: There is something fascinating about seeing such a large, almost prehistoric creature glide effortlessly through the sky.

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2011-12-12 18:09:40
Roberto from India about 13years ago said:
Simply superb. One of the best on this site.
Christine from Australia about 13years ago said:
I do not have the skilled eye of the photographer, but the majesty of this bird is utterly uplifting. Poinciana?
Marcelo de Breyne from sao paulo about 13years ago said:
bela captura
MARCIOJSDY from Sao Paulo about 13years ago said:
Como sempre, uma belissima foto!
Betty from Canada about 13years ago said:
Great shot of the bird in flight! What is that tree? almost looks like a Mountain Ash, but doubt that you have them there.
Irineu from BRASIL about 13years ago said:
Grande flagrante, Marcelo. Linda foto!
Heather from London about 13years ago said:
Oh how absolutely wonderful, to wing freely through the blooming trees
Laura from Brasil about 13years ago said:
Great moment here......So beautiful!!!!
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