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December 19, 2011: Blue Roller
A blue bird in motion
Credit & Copyright: Robin Ashfield from Petersfield, England
Blue Roller: "This took some time, but was well worth it!"

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2011-12-19 20:41:13
Christine from Australia about 13years ago said:
There is a lot more to be said about the bird and the expert shot. So I will simply say: I am fortunate and very happy to have seen it and even know where it lives.
Betty from Canada about 13years ago said:
Great shot! you caught it!!
Robin from UK about 13years ago said:
I caught this on Safari in South Africa. The chick fledged the next day which made it even more rewarding!
Inge from Canada about 13years ago said:
Great shot. Your patient waiting paid off handsomely. It looks like a tropical bird. Is it?
Laura from Brasil about 13years ago said:
Beautiful bird...Great photo!
David from Maidstone UK about 13years ago said:
Excellent shot, superb colours, well done!! Nice to see one from England, especially Hampshire!!
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