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June 5, 2012: Life
Credit & Copyright: LAURA BRUNO from BRASIL
Life: "Some happy moments in this LIFE."

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2012-06-07 01:54:36
Betty from Canada about 11years ago said:
What a super shot Laura! Thx for sharing.
Mel from San FranciscoStriking about 11years ago said:
Striking snap of a turtleon on the move in an aquatic habitat. Congratulations!
Laura from Brasil about 11years ago said:
Hello Christine, Ali , Inge. I'm happy with your comments. Thanks and have a great week. Hugs!
Inge from Canada about 11years ago said:
A peaceful moment, something animals and humans need, and often do not get, and you, Laura captured it. I endorse Christine's comment.
Ali from Tehran about 11years ago said:
Laura! beautiful close-up. Thanks a lot.
Ali from Tehran about 11years ago said:
Christine, the majority like the hype of the city because they hate turtles. But I love turtles because I hate the cities.
Christine from Australia about 11years ago said:
So peaceful, even looking at the still picture. I wish you many happy moments Laura. We always find them in nature. May the world become more turtle-like and not rush from morning till night.
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