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July 20, 2012: Evening Silhouettes
Gorgeous sunset.
Credit & Copyright: Penny Crull from Pagosa Springs, CO
Evening Silhouettes: The sun sets on Douglas Pass, north of Grand Junction, CO, leaving this gorgeous sight for a parting gift.

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2014-04-20 13:46:55
Nella Milyavsky from Reisterstown, MD about 9years ago said:
Beautiful picture!
Kim from Stuart, FL about 10years ago said:
I love sunsets and this one is very impressive.
Laura from Brasil about 11years ago said:
paula wagner from Golden, CO about 11years ago said:
Penny: Wow...a wonderful picture. I am so proud of your talents.
Nina Buscher from Shawnee,Ks about 11years ago said:
Great Picture! I wish I was there to see it with you.
Sue Hoffman from Kansas City about 11years ago said:
Hi, Penny. Awesome Picture!
Betty from Canada about 11years ago said:
Awesome picture Penny! Love it!
Inge from Canada about 11years ago said:
Since the light changes so quickly this is a moment to be savored and treasured. Thanks to your beautiful photo it can be enjoyed by us all. You preserved a fleeting moment of wonder.
Jan from Gravenhurst, Ontario Canada about 11years ago said:
Penny, thanks for sharing this breath taking photo. God's paintbrush at work for all to enjoy. Love you Jan
Ellen from Grain Valley, MO about 11years ago said:
How rich is the pageantry of God's world displayed in this moment of quiet, simple grandeur. Touched with peace and blessed, once again by you and the gifts you share, Penny! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. May there be many more blessed moments for you!
Chriss Weldon from Durango, CO about 11years ago said:
Often time, when opportunity of this beauty is before us, we stand alone with our Maker and are thankful for the beauty and serenity. We take a deep breath and hope the image will stay in our memories. How fortunate for you to CAPTURE that beauty and share it with all of us..Thank you!
DianaLeigh from Kent, WA about 11years ago said:
I love the ruggedness of the trees contrasted with the soft colors of the sunset. Stunning!
Susie Jackson from Independence, Missouri about 11years ago said:
Oh Penny, I am so happy to know that your are in such an enchanting place. I miss and love you. Looks like you are capturing true beauty and loving every minute of it. I miss you as always. Love and hugs!
Penny from Pagosa Springs, CO about 11years ago said:
Grazie per il tuo bel pensiero. Thank you for your kind thoughts and comments.
Ali from Tehran about 11years ago said:
I love the 2D effect of this shot. Everything is so plain. Its very natural.
Enrico from Italy about 11years ago said:
Amo perdermi con lo sguardo nell'infinito di questa stupenda visione
Mira from India about 11years ago said:
Great shot, lovely colours. Reminds me of my time in Canada. Sigh! :)
Christine from Australia about 11years ago said:
Oh, I do like that. Very dreamy, very lullaby-like and soothing. Yes, a photo to dream by.
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