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September 14, 2012: Mountain Goat
Mountain Goat in Utah.
Credit & Copyright: David G. Sanders from Layton, Utah
Mountain Goat: This handsome fellow takes a short break to show off his gorgeous coat before continuing his ascent up the rocky slopes of Willard Peak in Utah.

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2012-09-17 12:32:02
John from Harrisville about 12years ago said:
Come up and play. The air is nice, clean and crisp here at 9500 feet!
Will from Colorado about 12years ago said:
YOu Rock Gramps
Aaron from Ogden Utah about 12years ago said:
keep up the good work.
Donna from Harrisburg about 12years ago said:
Amazing photo. Wow !!!!!
Irene from Ogden about 12years ago said:
He's looking at you like he wonders what you are and what you're doing in his territory. Amazing animal and great shot, Dave. Keep up the wonderful work.
Laura from Brasil about 12years ago said:
Wonderful.. This is a wonderful Mountain Goat.Great photo, David. :)
Del from Utah about 12years ago said:
Great picture. Is this the same goat that ate the hikers sandwich and kicked his backpack off the cliff (just a little humor from an Ad)?
Norm from Utah about 12years ago said:
Beautiful rocks... but what is that white thing?
Diana Leigh from Kent, WA about 12years ago said:
Wonderful shot!
Ali from Tehran about 12years ago said:
WoW! This highlight of the mountains is really gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it.
Alan from Utah about 12years ago said:
Very beautiful!
Cynthia from USA about 12years ago said:
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