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September 15, 2013: Fuschias
Flowers in th Pacific Northwest
Credit & Copyright: Diana Leigh from Kent, WA
Fuschias: "Would you like to dance?"

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2013-09-20 07:36:14
Laura from Brasil about 9years ago said:
So delicate. : )
Enrico from Italy about 9years ago said:
Ottimo primo piano. Il fiore, protagonista, appare in tutta la sua bellezza. Una foto fresca e colorata. Mi piace molto
Carol Soubra from Kent WA about 9years ago said:
Beautiful composition, Color and subject. very delicate and sweet. 5 Stars!!
Penny from Pagosa Springs about 9years ago said:
Very pretty. Love your photos from Maine, too
Lisa from Arizona about 9years ago said:
Just elegant!!! What a beautiful array of color and scene!!! Congratulations!!
Sam Greeley from Brooklin, Maine about 9years ago said:
Wow! Talk about getting up close and personal! Great shot.
Leah Greeley from Grover Beach, CA about 9years ago said:
How lovely. That was a fun day.
Jim from Nebraska about 9years ago said:
Gorgeous flowers, Diana. Nice job.
pam from usa about 9years ago said:
good clarity and framing
Christine from Australia about 9years ago said:
Yes indeed! Let's dance with life. It's the only way. :)
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