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January 21, 2014: Little Red
Woodpecker near Lincoln, Nebraska
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Little Red: "...our resident male Downy Woodpecker."

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2014-02-06 14:45:38
Bob from South Haven, MI about 7years ago said:
Wonderful shot. I especially like the way you have highlighted the woodpecker.
Jim from Nebraska about 7years ago said:
Thanks, Ali!
Ali from Tehran about 7years ago said:
That's a perfect picture Jim! Well done man!
Jim from Nebraska about 7years ago said:
Thank you, Christine, Betty, Cynthia, Laura, and Calliope. This was my favorite of the three "snowy" bird photos because of the directional sunlight and the colorful tree bark. I've been trying to photograph an elusive nuthatch but he won't sit still long enough to get good focus. Christine, I've only been to OZ once and that was for two glorious days in Sidney.'So far away :-( and BTW, I'm good with "sweet" :-) Thanks again to everyone!
Calliope from Vancouver Island about 7years ago said:
I love it too. Excellent catch and enchanting little bird.
Laura from Brasil about 7years ago said:
Helou Wonderful...You are a handsome little friend. Always a spectacular moment, dear Jim...I am thinkng about the tree too...Everything is so beautiful ! ; )
Cynthia from U.S.A. about 7years ago said:
Awww. Little Red is awfully cute! Nice capture and colors.
Betty from Canada about 7years ago said:
They are sweet! & they are little darlings!! They come to my feeder for suet. Great photo!
Christine from Australia about 7years ago said:
Your photos always speak to me Jim. They are kind of special to me because I used to live on your continent. Thank you for this one, it is particularly sweet. Sweet is only the right word for me. It may not be for you :)
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