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January 28, 2014: Lunch Is On Me!
Fly and flower in British Columbia
Credit & Copyright: Betty Reese from Cowichan Bay, BC, Canada
Lunch Is On Me!: "The fly was so intent to eat it’s fill, that even when I flicked it off with my finger, it came right back for me! The Nectar of the Gods!"

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2014-01-28 21:03:40
Laura from Brasil about 9years ago said:
Wonderful photo, Betty...: )
Betty from Canada about 9years ago said:
Thank you all for your comments! Each person has a different perspective, never thought about Geometry! but you're right! Thanks, hugs :):)
Inge from Canada about 9years ago said:
The symmetry of the flower reminds me of fractals. It is a wonder to behold.
Jim from Nebraska about 9years ago said:
Yes, I agree with Cynthia. Even with the bonus of the crisply detailed fly, the story here is the geometry, and it's beautifully captured. Fine work, Betty!
Cynthia from U.S.A. about 9years ago said:
I like the geometry in this image. Very nice!
Ali from Tehran about 9years ago said:
a marvelous array of objects, that's of the wonders of creation. Thanks Betty!
Calliope from Canada about 9years ago said:
What a great catch. Well done. Very clear in detail.
Christine from Australia about 9years ago said:
A lovely photo Betty. As usual. And what a clever fly, it wanted to be on NPOD. :) hugs
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