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June 12, 2014: Sips
A hummingbird drinking from a flower.
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Sips: "...by a female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird."

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2014-06-17 02:21:44
Betty from BC about 7years ago said:
Jim, you've been hiding behind that door again! but what a pay-off! A perfect photo!
Laura from Brasil about 7years ago said:
Wonderful at all !!!!! I am smiling and feeling happy with your photo, dear Jim ! Wonderful ; )
Harsha from India about 7years ago said:
Amazing photo!
Jim from Nebraska about 7years ago said:
Thank you, Christine, Tom, and Calliope! I've enjoyed the occasional visits by this little lady for the last three weeks. She seems to have acquired a personality in her graceful flitting about, much like, well, a ballerina, Calliope. Her male counterpart, while smaller and more colorful, visits far less often and is easily spooked by my presence. I hope to be able to show him to you :-) Thanks again for your kind remarks.
Calliope from Canada about 7years ago said:
Ballerinas! Bird and flowers alike. They dance for us to give us pleasure, but who will truly see? - Congratulations Jim, for catching this little miracle.
Tom from Washington State, USA about 7years ago said:
Nicely done Jim, a shot like this not only hard to get and get right. We miss the beauty of these small creatures until a skilled photographer stops them for a split second. Thanks!
Christine from Australia about 7years ago said:
One of THE best that have appeared on NPOD. You are quite a master with the camera Jim. And I am sipping this image to get the very most out of it. Bravo!
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