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August 24, 2014: Summer Color
Gorgeous Mountain meadow, flowers and lake in Colorado
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Summer Color: "Wildflowers at Dumont Lake near Rabbit Ears Pass in Colorado."

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2014-08-24 23:49:01
Laura from Brasil about 8years ago said:
Wonderful picture, Jim.. Everything that we can love and respect from Nature. Thank you ! ; )
Harsha from India about 8years ago said:
Jim, a nice landscape. nice place.
Jim from Nebraska about 8years ago said:
Thank you, dear friends. Yes, it was a perfect morning for a hike in the rarefied air. The wildflowers had just fully blossomed and it was August 1st!
Calliope from B.C. Canada about 8years ago said:
I would love to sit amongst it all and just breathe deeply. Thank you Jim for enriching my day.
Enrico from Italy about 8years ago said:
Un angolo di paradiso splendidamente rappresentato, Jim. Bello scoprire che esistono ancora questi luoghi sul nostro pianeta. Complimenti anche per aver colto magistralmente questi riflessi
Christine from Australia about 8years ago said:
Fireweed, lupins and...an invitation for a hike on a sublimely picturesque day, to get away from the noise of the world. Not many have the privilege to set foot on this ground, where Mother Nature can still hug herself. :)
Betty from BC about 8years ago said:
Jim, you picked the perfect day! not a ripple on the water, so the reflections are awesome! Lovely colors & composition!
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