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February 22, 2015: Barn Owl In Flight
Barn Owl Flying Over Desert
Credit & Copyright: Robert P. Kelch, M.D. from South Haven, Michigan
Barn Owl In Flight: "This photo was taken at the Sonoran Desert Museum during the Raptor Free Flight show. I used my Canon EOS 6D camera and a 70-200 mm L lens."

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2015-02-22 21:12:53
Joan from Clio about 9years ago said:
Great shot.
Alice from Ann Aror about 9years ago said:
Looks like he is going to fly right into your Canon! Magnificent catch!
Kris from Beverly Hills, MI about 9years ago said:
george gasparovic from Pendleton about 9years ago said:
catching the owl midflight between the two branches.wow..your position & timing created a powerful picture..
Mary Westhoff from Dexter, MI about 9years ago said:
Looks good.
Jill from Indiana about 9years ago said:
rob barrett from minneapolis about 9years ago said:
love that, wow.
Pete from Henderson, Nevada about 9years ago said:
Beautiful picture, perfect composition, can't wait for the next shot.
David from Manhattan about 9years ago said:
What an amazing shot! Bravo!
Ron from ann arbor about 9years ago said:
great shot
Jim from Nebraska about 9years ago said:
Great capture, Bob! Well done.
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