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September 16, 2015: Stars
Beautiful scene of our galaxy from Cannon Beach, OR
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Stars: "The Milky Way over Cannon Beach, Oregon."

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2015-09-19 19:39:30
Emy from London about 8years ago said:
WOW! Spectacular!
Kathy from KC about 8years ago said:
Absolutely stunning!
Jim from Nebraska about 8years ago said:
Thank you, Rob, Renee, Christine, Greg, Jill, and Harsha! It's amazing what the camera can 'see' in thirty seconds that we can't see with our human eyes.
Harsha from India about 8years ago said:
Jill from Omaha about 8years ago said:
This is amazing!
Greg from Australia about 8years ago said:
Not content with the stunning landscape photographs he offers up, Jim turns his lens to to the heavens and... Just brilliant
rob barrett from minneapolis about 8years ago said:
Christine, Agreed.
Christine from Somewhere about 8years ago said:
Yes Jim! That is a sliver of the glory of it all. It makes one see the greater picture and breathe more freely. Wouldn't you like to float on out there and see what it is really about??? :)
Renee from Nazareth about 8years ago said:
I am soooooo jealous!! Spectacular!
rob barrett from minneapolis about 8years ago said:
Jim, Sheesh, amazing
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