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September 30, 2015: Spots
Butterfly in Lincoln, Nebraska
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Spots: "...betray the camouflage of this Monarch butterfly."

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2015-10-01 07:49:49
Jim from Nebraska about 7years ago said:
Thank you, Rob, Renee, Christine, and Laura! This was taken on a slightly cool morning so this Monarch is spreading its wings to warm them from the sun. They're cold blooded, of course, and fly more efficiently when their wings are between 75 and 90 degrees F.
Laura from Brasil about 7years ago said:
Perfect, Dear Jim ! Like a painting , like a dream....wonderful flower and butterfly...Thank you : )
Christine from Somewhere about 7years ago said:
Your photographic art always has a dreamy quality about it, Jim. I think you are a softie at heart. :) The world needs that. Seems the flower is supporting the butterfly?
Renee from Nazareth about 7years ago said:
So beautiful...I wanna touch it!
rob barrett from minneapolis about 7years ago said:
Jim, looks like a painting. sweet.
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