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March 20, 2016: Crablike Spiny Orb Weaver
At a Nature Preserve in Key West, Florida
Credit & Copyright: Robert P. Kelch, M.D. from South Haven, Michigan
Crablike Spiny Orb Weaver: "This is a dorsal view of this small spider. Photo was taken with a Sony alpha 6000 camera."

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2016-03-21 22:53:48
Ellie from Iowa City about 8years ago said:
And I wondered where Hollywood got some of its ideas for frightening creature creations! Wonderful photo, Bob.
Janet from Flint MI about 8years ago said:
Beautiful! I love the totally out of focus background--just the spider to concentrate on.
Mary from Dexter, MI about 8years ago said:
Interesting creature.
Cheryl arnold from Dexter,mi about 8years ago said:
I never cease to be impressed
Cheryl arnold from Dexter,mi about 8years ago said:
I never cease to be. Impressed
Someone from Somewhere about 8years ago said:
Oh, here's Bob again with all his adoring entourage. Spider, spider...who's the best photographer of them all??
Rob Barrett from Minneapolis about 8years ago said:
I'm sorry, as this keeps popping up on my screen, all I can say is. Ish! :-)
David from Manhattan about 8years ago said:
How unusual! What a handsome little critter...
Kris Rutkowski from Beverly Hills, MI about 8years ago said:
WOW! Beautiful Photo! What amazing contrast and composition!
Joyce Robinson from Saginaw MI about 8years ago said:
Jack Dreyer from Otsego.I about 8years ago said:
Good catch, it looks like a nasty spider. Does he bite?
jackie from ann arbor about 8years ago said:
menacing look
Brad from Ann Arbor about 8years ago said:
Nasty looking critter
Renee from Nazareth about 8years ago said:
Great Shot!
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