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August 4, 2016: Last Sun-rays of the Day
Ancaster (suburb of Hamilton), Ontario, Canada
Credit & Copyright: Henk Streun from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Last Sun-rays of the Day: "The illumination was just long enough to set the camera and take the shot. Call it lucky."

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2016-08-07 23:08:36
Cat from Cambridge about 6years ago said:
Absolutely beautiful photo!! :)
Christine from Somewhere about 6years ago said:
Surely, this is where fairies are still at home. :)So tread carefully.!
Inge from Canada about 6years ago said:
What a beautiful shot, Henck.
Susanne from Hamilton about 6years ago said:
Nice Henk
Poppyseed from Ontario about 6years ago said:
Very clever Hendrik, not just lucky.
Jim from Nebraska about 6years ago said:
Wow, that is really nice, Henk! Those slivers of light always capture my heart.
Rita from Ancaster about 6years ago said:
Elisabeth from Niagara about 6years ago said:
So simple and sweetly perfect.
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