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November 26, 2016: Tree Frog
Tree Frog in Canada
Credit & Copyright: Henk Streun from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tree Frog: "We have never spotted a Tree Frog on our property before and were surprised to see this one recently in our front garden. I placed it on the railing post to take the shot."

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2016-11-28 18:16:51
Susanne from Hamilton about 8years ago said:
Cute little guy great picture Henk.
Ken from Ohio about 8years ago said:
Wow, he changes colors?
Rita from Ancaster about 8years ago said:
Love this little guy!
Henk Streun from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada about 8years ago said:
Yes Renee it was grey when I found it although it was siiting on a red-brown Tulip tree leaf. The next day it was sitting on our concrete front porch it was a pretty blue.
Inge from Canada about 8years ago said:
What a welcome visitor. I hope he brought his family.
Poppyseed from Ontario about 8years ago said:
Beautiful creature Henk. Will it turn into a prince when I kiss it?
Eef from Deurne, the Netherlands about 8years ago said:
Again an amazing picture ome Henk. I like it very much
Renee from Nazareth about 8years ago said:
Was is grey before you placed it on the post? Are they chameleon-like?
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