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December 3, 2016: When?
Beautiful hummingbird in Costa Rica
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
When?: "A hummingbird appears to ponder when the rain will stop."

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2016-12-04 10:37:08
LAura from BRasil about 5years ago said:
Jim ! Nice to have you back : ) We were waiting for news about You! Always a wonderful photo....Hugs, dear friend.
Jim from Nebraska about 5years ago said:
Thank you, dear friends, for the warm welcome! This photo was taken in the rainforest of the Costa Rican highlands.The hummingbird is a male Magnificent (that's the name of the species).I don't know the name of the pink orchid or the white fungus growing on the hummingbird's perch. The Magnificent hummingbird has an iridescent purple forehead when viewed full-face.
rob barrett from minneapolis about 5years ago said:
Jim, Good to have you back.
Poppyseed from Ontario about 5years ago said:
Gorgeous bird Jim. Interesting how you captured the rain. I donot recognize the flowering branch. Glad to see you back. Thank you for sharing. Peace to you.
Renee from Nazareth about 5years ago said:
Ohhhhhhh! What a great capture!! So nice to see a photo taken by you, Jim. It's been a while - I was wondering if perhaps you weren't well. Do hope you are doing well. Oh, that fence in the moon photo was not mine. I was actually walking back to my home (after taking Super Moon shots at a local park) and I saw the fence/tree scene.
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