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January 21, 2017: Locked On
Snowy Owl in Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Locked On: "A Snowy Owl is ‘locked on’ to prey, wingtips almost touching the snowy terrain."

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2017-01-23 22:00:00
Laura from Brasil about 7years ago said:
Wonderful !
Jim from Nebraska about 7years ago said:
Thanks, Henk. I was using a Nikon 200mm-500mm f5.6 mounted on a Nikon D750. I was about 25 meters away.
Henk Streun from Hamilton, Canada about 7years ago said:
Jim. What can I say after ALL those remarks. How beautiful, of course from a Master. Curious, what lens did you use? It looks as if you were not all that far away.
Jim from Nebraska about 7years ago said:
Thanks to all for your kind remarks!
Greg from Australia about 7years ago said:
Betsy Fletcher from Virginia about 7years ago said:
Snowy Owls have been seen here in Virginia for the past several winters. I was privileged to spot two of them.They take my breath away.Absolutely perfect photo!
Ken from Ohio about 7years ago said:
Very impressive. Glad I'm not a mouse!
David from Maidstone UK about 7years ago said:
Wonderful shot! Jim
Buttercup from Somewhere about 7years ago said:
That's pure Jim and nature in communion. :) The way it is, and the way it always was. We are not apart.
Doug Klein from Dallas , TX about 7years ago said:
My God... What immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry... This picture leaves me speechless. Nice shot Jim.
rob barrett from minneapolis. about 7years ago said:
Good joking night, Jim, that's insane. It's like a sculpture.
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