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March 18, 2017: Eranthis - Winter Aconite
Beautiful Flowers in Cowichan Bay, BC
Credit & Copyright: Betty Reese from Cowichan Bay, BC, Canada
Eranthis - Winter Aconite: "These little beauties are the first wonderful signs of spring! Naturalized around the yard, they pop up amidst whatever, & show us their sunny faces."

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2017-03-18 17:09:32
Buttercup from Somewhere about 7years ago said:
What can I say, but YES to all the comments below. May the little bright faces plant sun in all our hearts and in the heart of our "mixed up" world.
Betty from Cowichan Bay about 7years ago said:
Thank you all for your kind comments. Have a good day.
Inge from Canada about 7years ago said:
I knew it was one of yours before I looked for the name. You have a unique way of capturing your treasured.
Betsy from Barboursville VA about 7years ago said:
Nice grouping, variety of colors and textures. After living 34 yrs in Michigan I know how precious Spring is to Canadians!
rob barrett from minneapolis about 7years ago said:
So much life and diversity in one photo. Very nice.
Jim from Nebraska about 7years ago said:
Lovely, Betty! Nice to see your beautiful flowers and ground cover again!
Poppyseed from Ontario about 7years ago said:
What an encouraging sight on a snowy morning.
EF Grant from IN about 7years ago said:
I am a big fan of mosses and lichens. When seen together, their colors are lovely enough, but when combined with flowers, they become truly heavenly.
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