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December 25, 2017: Season's Greetings
Big Red in Lincoln Nebraska
Credit & Copyright: Jim Wickless from Lincoln, NE
Season's Greetings: "...from Big Red."

And Merry Christmas from NPOD!

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2017-12-26 06:21:53
LAura from BRasil about 4years ago said:
Red...Love, Green...Life, White...Peace : )
Laura from Bruno about 4years ago said:
Uma foto maravilhosa para um dia especial : )
Laura from Brasil about 4years ago said:
Merry Christmas Dear NPOD s Friends : )
Sweetpea from Sacramento about 4years ago said:
Happy holidays and many more years with cardinals of the bird kind. They know how to keep the peace.
EFGrant from IN about 4years ago said:
Thanks for a lovely Christmas picture!
Renee from PA about 4years ago said:
Merry Christmas Nature Pic of the Day Family!!!
Christine from Somewhere about 4years ago said:
And the same from BC and me. :)
Rob Barrett from Minneapolis about 4years ago said:
Merry Christmas, Jim, et al.
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