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May 10, 2018: Busy Bees
Bees on a flower in Australia
Credit & Copyright: Peter Stokes from Melbourne, Australia
Busy Bees: "I was curious as to why they all collected on the one flower, leaving the other one empty."

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2018-05-15 22:50:05
Peter Stokes from Melbourne about 6years ago said:
Thank you all, for the nice comments.
Sweetpea from Sacramento about 6years ago said:
Couldn't you just sit in it too and smile?:)
Betsy from VA about 6years ago said:
Lovely shapes in the roses, lovely capture. Glad you didn't get stung!
Renee from PA about 6years ago said:
Great shot! (My daughter is marrying an Australian this Saturday!)
Rob Barrett from minneapolis about 6years ago said:
Very cool. Bees are amazing
Christine from Somewhere about 6years ago said:
Your photo makes me happy Peter. I was not aware that such dogroses grow in Australia. The bees might be working as a team? :)
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